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New Speaker: Amanda Huber

Wisconsin Youth Rugby and The Rugby Summit would like to announce our newest speaker Amanda Huber. Amanda is a licensed Mental Health and Substance Use therapist who has worked serving youth as young as 4 through later adulthood in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.

Amanda brings an important new topic to The Rugby Summit, 'Mental Health Matters'. Amanda will be presenting information to help coaches, parents and athletes build awareness and practical tools to deal with Mental Health. Her goal is to help improve mental health awareness and provide practical ways to implement mental wellness in coaching.

"Good mental health is not just the absence of a mental health diagnosis, rather it refers to your overall psychological well-being. The way you feel about yourself and your ability to manage feelings and deal with difficulties. " - Amanda Huber

Amanda is helping The Rugby Summit fulfil its mission to provide a wide array of information on many topics to ensure we consider all aspects of Rugby and encourage growth beyond the field. Rugby doesn't end at the touchline.

Amanda has played competitive rugby for 12 years and currently acts as the President of Oconomowoc Women's Rugby Club, helping revive the club. At the collegiate and high school level, she has also been an assistant coach, alongside Katie McNeil, since 2014. They have continued to implement a focus on mental wellness alongside rugby skills and knowledge with great success in their program.


- With You.


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