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What's new at The Rugby Summit Convention?

The Summit is Bigger and Better, with many new faces, and many old.

Some of the Major Updates:

  1. There are 20 New Sessions, and 10 new speakers.

  2. Three More Sessions on Friday Night

  3. Four More Sessions Saturday Morning!

  4. The Rugby Summit has been chosen as the place for USA Youth and High School to announce its new Coaching Platform. Hear about its first at the Summit.

  5. The New MLR Franchise, Chicago Hounds, will be in attendance.

  6. There are two FREE hours for Juniors and Seniors to meet with Collegiate Coaches and Administrators. The Girls High school hour is at 12pm, and the Boys High School Hour is at 3 PM.

Although some sessions aren't new, the sport is ever evolving and new information is added to previous sessions. Speakers are growing their presentations and their own knowledge.

With You.


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